ACT Fire and Rescue are looking for residents in Denman Prospect and Molonglo Valley to become members of the Community Fire Unit (CFU) program, to help reduce the risk of a bushfire in our community.

A Community Fire Unit (CFU) is a team of local volunteers that are trained to safeguard their homes during a bushfire until fire services arrive and it is important we get a team of volunteers to ensure we can secure a CFU trailer for Denman Prospect.

The focus of the program is on bushfire education, prevention and preparation, covering areas such as:

  • Bushfire behavior
  • Safe housekeeping and gardening practices
  • Planning and preparation for bushfires
  • Operating fire-fighting equipment
  • Mop up operations

Interested in becoming a CFU volunteer?

Fill in your contact details below and a member of the CFU program will be in touch with you shortly.