Denman Village Shops features a uniquely-constructed and eco-friendly green roof that is a sustainable alternative to an aluminium or steel roof. The green roof was designed to reflect the curves of the natural topography of the land surrounding it and is the largest green roof of its kind in the ACT.

In addition to keeping the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the plants, shrubs and flowers planted on the green roof will provide a beautiful focal point for people driving down Holborow Avenue. The roof also provides more great views for the residents in the apartments and houses behind the Shops, acting as a garden to look at from their balconies.

The Denman Village Shops green roof has been planted with more than 4,000 native, drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants and shrubs to attract birds and insects. Local Canberra landscape architects and Canberra Airport’s horticulturalists specifically chose plants with proven track records to tolerate the harsh Canberra climate and exposed conditions of this unique structure.



Plants chosen include Banksia integrifolia, Chysocephalum apiculatum, Loropetulum ‘Burgandy dwarf’, Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’, Lomandra confertifolia. The plants have a primary role of attracting wildlife but will also filter the atmospheric CO², insulating the building and lowering the heat sink effect in lieu of a reflective metal roof. While these well-suited plants and shrubs will provide a beautiful vista throughout the year, there will be an additional 50,000 bulbs planted in winter 2019 for a spectacular springtime display.

The green roof is also designed to capture the rain and filters rainwater that is then channeled to and stored in a 20kL rainwater tank that supplies a dripper system for drier spells of weather.

The developers of Denman Prospect, Capital Airport Group, have focused on creating a suburb that is eco-friendly, with beautiful outdoor and comfortable community spaces that appeal to all residents.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Sweetapple, Communications Media Officer at 0455 227 711.