New enlarged Capital Chemist opens in the Molonglo Valley

The growing Denman Village Shops now have a chemist to serve the greater Molonglo Valley as Capital Chemist Denman Prospect opens its doors in the quickly expanding community.

“We are excited to open another store in Denman Prospect,” says Nick Johnson, Managing Partner of Capital Chemist, Denman Prospect. “There is great demand for another chemist in the Molonglo Valley, the centre is very high-quality, and our close proximity to the GP here allows us to forge a strong relationship with the doctors and offer patients better continuity of care.”

Mr Johnson, who also helped set up Capital Chemist in Coombs, says the Molonglo Valley is underserved when it comes to pharmacies. His new Denman Prospect location will offer residents personalised care and ready access to a pharmacist as well as prescriptions, vitamins, skincare, baby care, vaccinations and leave certificates, in an extra large 216sqm shop.

“It’s our goal to provide additional quality healthcare, medicine and advice to our neighbours here in Denman Prospect and the whole Molonglo Valley. The expansion out here is happening so quickly. We’re proud to have this great opportunity to call this growing community home,” says Mr Johnson.

“The early development of the Denman Village Shops was something we felt strongly about because we agree that the Molonglo Valley community needs more amenity and service as it grows,” says Nick McDonald-Crowley, Project Director of Denman Prospect. “Partnering with local business owners who have a strong track record, like Nick Johnson and Capital Chemist, will help Denman Village Shops to fill their critical role in the community.”

About the Denman Village Shops:

The Denman Village Shops are at the heart of Denman Prospect, Canberra’s most remarkable new suburb. Several hundred new residents are expected to move into the suburb over the next year. Capital Chemist Denman Prospect now joins the newly-reopened IGA supermarket, YourGPDenman, ENHANCE Healthcare, Club Lime Denman and the Morning Dew Café. Domino’s Pizza and Molonglo Smiles are expected to open in coming weeks. To celebrate the expansion of Denman Village Shops, Capital Airport Group will be hosting a spring festival for residents and families across the ACT on Saturday 19 October.

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