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ActewAGL installed its first solar battery at Denman Prospect under the ACT Government's Next Generation Renewables Energy Storage Scheme on 10 May, marking a new era in power generation and conservation in Australia’s first fully solar powered suburb.

Every home at Denman Prospect will be fitted with a 3kW solar power system as a minimum. By including a solar battery, homeowners like Matt Cousins can have greater control of how they use their energy and track their daily energy usage.

“We decided to install a solar battery in our home in order to reduce costs as energy prices increase in Australia,” said Mr Cousins. “Having the battery allows us to use stored electricity at night when buying energy from the grid is most expensive. It also allows us to rely less on non-sustainable electricity sources and generate our own energy.”

“ActewAGL has been a strong supporter of our vision to ensure every home at Denman Prospect is as sustainable and energy efficient as possible, and its installation of the first of what we expect will be many batteries is another step in realising that vision,” said Denman Prospect’s Director of Project Delivery Nick McDonald-Crowley.

There are currently over 700 solar batteries installed in the ACT with ActewAGL anticipating there will be around 5,000 installed by 2020.

“The adoption of new technologies, such as rooftop solar and storage, is allowing consumers to become active participants in their own energy future,” said ActewAGL’s General Manager Retail, Ayesha Razzaq. “Batteries can also play a role in supporting grid security and stability by helping to smooth out variable renewable energy inputs.”