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    Get to know Denman Prospect

    Getting familiar with the suburb, including its location and proximity to amenities will help you to find the right block for you.

    Make an obligation free appointment with one of our sales agents to learn more about Denman Prospect and how they can help you find your dream block.

    Our sales suite is located at 37 Kondelea Way, Denman Prospect and is open Friday – Monday from 10am-4pm.

    Get to know Denman Prospect
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    Talk to an architect/builder

    Before you decide on which block is right for you, we recommend you consult an architect and/or builder to explore the various options Denman Prospect has to offer.

    Visit the Building Resources page for specific details about each block, including the Block Details Plans and Block Fill Plans.

    Talk to an architect/builder
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    Appoint a solicitor

    We strongly recommend you seek independent legal advice before securing a block. Engage a solicitor to act on your behalf and provide them with the Contract for Sale and Sales Documentation to review.

    Appoint a solicitor
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    Pay your deposit and secure a block

    Before securing your block, contact us to check that your preferred block of land is available, as availability can vary daily. You can refer to our interactive map for live block availability.

    Pay your deposit
    To secure a block, pay your deposit of 5% of the purchase price to the Clayton Utz Trust Account. Our sales agents will provide you with the account details.

    Exchange contracts
    Exchange of contracts is required within 10 business days from when you pay the deposit.

    Pay your deposit and secure a block
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    We will provide regular updates on when Settlement is likely to occur and the closer we are to practical completion on site. Please ensure your bank or financier has unconditionally approved your loan application before Settlement.

    The balance of your purchase price is payable at Settlement as well as the following:

    Compliance Bond
    A $5000 compliance bond is payable at settlement to Capital Estate Developments. This bond will be refunded when your home is completed, if it is completed within 18 months of settlement and that your home is built in accordance with our Building and Siting Guidelines and your approved plan.

    Goods & Services Tax (GST) Withholding Scheme
    GST for your land sale is collected separately under the GST Withholding Scheme and is payable when you settle on your block of land. When settlement occurs, you will be required to provide a cheque payable to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the GST withholding amount. Your settlement statement will outline the GST withholding amount. For more information, visit the ATO website.

    Stamp Duty
    Shortly after your settlement occurs, ACT Revenue will contact you outlining Stamp Duty payable.