5 ways to prepare your garden for Spring

1. Pick healthy plants 

When it comes to choosing a plant from the nursery, ensure that it has lots of new growth and is is not ‘rootbound’. If the roots are wrapping around the soil in circles, ensure you break it a part to encourage growth.

2. Dig the correct size hole 

Depending on the size of the plant you are planting, ensure the hole is wide enough. As a general rule, the hole should be as deep as the pot size of the plant and twice the diameter.

3. Prepare your soil 

Break a part the soil with other organic materials like composting mix and cow manure (the bigger the animal, the better the manure) and mix it with an imported soil with a pH neutral mix. This will help to maintain drainage when you water.

4. Feed your plant with nutrients 

Give new plants the nutrients they need to flourish in Spring by fertilizing, our grounds team love using a complete garden fertilizer. To help retain moisture, mulch around the base of the plant to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out.

5. Keep up with watering 

It is recommended that new plants are watered every second day to encourage strong growth into the first Summer. Note that over watering can lead to root rot, so giving your plant a deep soaking, less frequently is best.

Important to note: All plants have different requirements and behave differently in varying soil conditions, exposure to elements, slope variations and watering systems. The above information is intended as a general guide and it is important that you check all requirements with your local horticulturalist.

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