It seems we were ahead of the trend because according to Gina Ciancio of Style Curator, sloping blocks are back in vogue.

She chats with Shannon Battisson, lead Architect and co-founder of TheMill: Architecture + Design and future Denman Prospect resident about why people are returning to sloping blocks and split-level design.

“Sloping blocks are fantastic because they force you to take a custom approach – creating a unique design that responds to the block and speaks to the street. And good custom design means houses don’t have to be as big as they are now,” says Shannon.

There is so much to gain by considering a sloping block and split-level design, such as maximising internal space, greater opportunity to take advantage of solar passive design and making the most of internal design features.

Visit Stylecurator to read more about the top reasons why you should consider a sloping block for your next build.

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