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Give the gift of Denman Prospect this Christmas.

Whether you already live in Denman Prospect or you’re moving in (or know someone who is) we’ve pulled together a last-minute Christmas gift guide inspired by life at Denman Prospect.

Happy holidays!


1. A beautiful aerial view for your lounge room wall.

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Map


Is it just us or is there something beautiful and inspiring about a map of Canberra?

How gorgeous, then, is this custom map of Denman Prospect from website Mapiful? That’s State Circle in the top left-hand corner and you can trace your way to suburb-level Denman Prospect, right down to Ada Norris Avenue and McMichael Terrace. The perfect gift for your lounge or dining room wall.

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2. Accessories for a tiny tennis tournament

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Ping Pong

While most Canberrans have to struggle to get the fold-up table out of the garage for a game of ping pong, Denman Prospect residents are lucky enough to have their own purpose-built outdoor tables ready to go, 24/7.

The tables are located off Trinca Street, behind Denman Village Shops. Set up a tournament with mates on New Year’s Eve (we’re thinking Scared Hitless versus the Backhanded Compliments) or head down with the kids for a family competition on Christmas Day.

Either way, this ping pong set from Sunnylife is a great choice.

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3. The perfect tool for stargazing

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Telescope

Did you know the lighting in Denman Prospect has been specially designed to reduce light pollution and therefore keep the night as ink black as possible?

Astronomer Brad Tucker, who works with 120 other staff at Mount Stromlo Observatory, says Denman Prospect residents have the best view of space in Canberra, with Venus visible in the early morning and some of the best views of the Milky Way in the world. With the help of a telescope, your child will even be able to see the rings of Saturn at certain times of year.

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4. Shaken, not stirred, right here in Denman Prospect.

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Cocktail Shaker

Chances are, if you’ve built your dream home at Denman Prospect you’ve got a fantastic bar setup in your alfresco area or inside your home (or both).

This Christmas and New Year’s Eve you can make your own Grasshopper cocktail (coloured Denman Prospect green) or Long Island Iced Tea in a shaker designed just for our suburb. It’s a great way to let your local and interstate guests know we pour the best drinks right here Denman Prospect. Cheers!

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5. A Fitbit to get you stepping

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Fitbit

If you live in Denman Prospect, chances are you live a healthy, active lifestyle and love being outdoors. With so many scenic walking trails around our suburb (check out our top 3 here) and fantastic recreational amenities at the base of Mount Stromlo, it’s easy to see why!

A Fitbit is a great gift idea for those who enjoy getting out and about.

Check out the range at Big W Majura Park.


6. Spot your house from above.

Denman Prospect Gift Ideas - Aerial view of Denman Prospect

Treat your loved one to a bird’s eye view of Denman Prospect from a helicopter!

The ‘Capital Highlights’ package with Canberra Helicopters is a unique way to see Denman Prospect and the stunning surrounds, including Stromlo Observatory.

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On the Christmas wish list:
Your very own block at Denman Prospect.

Blocks are selling in Coppins View, Denman Heights, Mountain View and Develin’s Rise.

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