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Is working from home draining your energy levels?

Too many zoom meetings? Not enough excuses to get up and move away from your computer… except to do your ”refrigerator curls”? Or perhaps you’re juggling your kids’ constant food requests and remote learning?

I feel you. I get you. Just the other day I realised I had spent the entire day indoors sitting. I forgot to go out for my hour. I’d been so good up until then. It was no wonder when I came upstairs my family looked at me and asked if I was ok. I looked frazzled. My brain was fried.

Giving your brain a regular rest can be a really helpful way of diffusing stress. Even brief moments can be enough to help us stay away from the fight/flight response.

Try these a few times a day

Try these a few times a day

1. Take your hour of exercise outside on your own. Or at least part of it if you can.

2. Stretch or turn on some music and dance around your home office. Just make sure your camera is off first!

3. Stop what you’re doing, take three long, slow deep breaths. Or even try some rhythmic breathing such as breathe for four counts, hold your breath for two counts, and breathe out for six counts.

4. Take a moment to connect with your surroundings. For example, go give your dog a cuddle or a pat, kiss your kids or partner for no reason, pour yourself a cup of tea and savour its taste, smell and feel.

We reached out to local business, Nourishmeant, for tips on health and wellness during the lockdown. Each week we’ll cover different topics to help you keep on top of your goals and create good habits for your health and wellbeing.


Meet Miriam Pollack 

Miriam (Mim) is a Health Professional and Nutritionist and together with her partner Paolo, they run their business ‘Nourishmeant’ from their Denman Prospect home. Nourishmeant helps you unlock your potential by building long lasting habits for health, wellness and performance.

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