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How many times have you walked to the refrigerator today, opened it, looked inside and then walked away again realising you’re not actually hungry?

Or maybe your kids have asked for food for the 15,890,756th time? Have you started COVID baking?

Its crazy right, everyone’s at home and doing less physically but we seem to be eating more. Your kids get through 6 hours of school without eating all day and based on so many of my clients’ routines, I suspect you get through an 8+ hour day sometimes not even remembering to eat at all.

So what’s going on and what should you be eating?

I like to call it “procrasta-snacking”. It’s the thing we do to avoid doing the things on our to do lists.



1. Start with a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea (your kids can do the same).

2. Teach your kids to be self sufficient. Older kids can definitely get their own food and shouldn’t need to hassle you every time they want to eat.

3. Stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, seeds, wholegrain crackers, hummus, veggies, low fat cheese. My go to when I feel like something sweet is actually a date with some nut butter. Its satisfying and filling.

4. Don’t fall into the COVID baking trap. That orange almond cake recipe you’re about to make because its “healthy” is still a cake and not a snack. It’s a dessert. There are also countless effortless snacks that don’t require any preparation (see above for suggestions).

5. Everyone’s home so if you can handle the mess that others might make in your kitchen (that’s my inner control freak coming out) share the kitchen load. It also makes for a great ‘life skills’ lesson for the kids because education is more than just algebra and Shakespeare.

We reached out to local business, Nourishmeant, for tips on health and wellness during lockdown. Each week we will cover different topics to help you keep on top of your goals and create good habits for your health and wellbeing.


Meet Miriam Pollack 

Miriam (Mim) is a Health Professional and Nutritionist and together with her partner Paolo, they run their business ‘Nourishmeant’ from their Denman Prospect home. Nourishmeant helps you unlock your potential by building long lasting habits for health, wellness and performance.

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