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My Denman Prospect, according to three-year-old Claire

My Denman Prospect, according to three-year-old Claire

While most adults love Denman Prospect for its proximity to nature, its thoughtful design and the breathtaking views, the suburb is also an absolute wonderland for its newest and very tiny residents, like Claire Chen.

At just three-and-a-half, Claire (with the help of parents Charles and Meina) lets us in on what she loves about her brand new home in Denman Prospect.

1. Kangaroos in the morning

Claire’s an early riser so she often catches glimpses of kangaroos bouncing down a neighbouring hill in the crisp morning air.

 “We were the first ones to move into our street so we have a pretty clear view of the hills around us,” Claire’s dad Charles explains. “We had relatives visit from China and they loved seeing the kangaroos – they were excited to wake up every morning.”

2. The babychinos at Morning Dew Cafe

2. The babychinos at Morning Dew Cafe

When asked what she loves about going to the brand new cafe, the answer’s easy. “Babycinos!” Claire says.

While dad Charles orders coffee and mum Meina orders tea, Claire is all about extra froth on her tiny “coffee”. “She loves having her own little drink and seeing if any other kids are going to come into the cafe,” Charles says.

3. The see-saw at Ridgeline Park

“I love the see-saw,” Claire says of her favourite thing about Ridgeline Park.

Meina admits that Denman Prospect’s stunning new park – a place for kids to play, picnic and ponder – was a big drawcard for the family’s move from Coombs to Denman. “We had friends who built in stage one (of the suburb) and they showed us the brand new Ridgeline Park being built,” she says.

“We all fell in love with it. We spend hours here.”

3. The see-saw at Ridgeline Park

4. Late afternoon walks to the shops with Dad

“We’ve timed it and it’s a three-minute walk to the shops from our front door,” Charles says. “We hold hands,” Claire adds.

The three-year-old and her dad often head down to the new Denman Prospect Village Shops in the late afternoon to pick up some ingredients for dinner.

“It’s so convenient, we’re excited that we now have a GP and a Capital Chemist coming.”

5. The chance to be one of Denman Prospect Primary School's very first students

5. The chance to be one of Denman Prospect Primary School's very first students

For the moment, Claire attends daycare in Coombs. But by the time she’s ready for Kindergarten in 2021, the brand-new school at Denman Prospect is expected to be built and she’ll be able to make friends with other little residents of the suburb.

“The house we’ve built is our forever home,” Meina says. “Claire is already asking why she doesn’t have a little brother or sister! We’ll definitely love to have another baby but maybe not two.”

6. Relaxing after a long day with Baby Panda

She loves books, but Claire’s favourite thing to do at the end of her day is watch mini cartoon episodes on YouTube. “BabyBus is my favourite,” Claire says.

“The internet here is great and when Claire watches TV it means mum and dad can relax too,” Charles laughs. “We were happy that the NBN had already been installed when we moved in in April.”

From kangaroos and see-saws to babycinos and a brand new school, the photos say it all: Claire’s one happy little Denman Prospect resident.