Keeping our community safe

Safety remains our top priority at Denman Prospect. We are committed to maintaining the very highest levels of service and hygiene standards in our community.

Below are just some of the measures we have put in place to keep you as safe as possible;

In our community:

  • Providing hand sanitising stations at the Denman Village Shops.
  • Undertaking stringent cleaning procedures throughout pubic buildings with a focus on touchpoints.
  • Increasing the frequency and visibility of cleaning services to common areas, public bathrooms and other high-volume touchpoints.
  • Working with retailers to assist with a common theme for physical distancing measures and awareness.
  • Reminding people to maintain physical distancing at the Ridgeline Park and Display Village playgrounds.

In our Land Sales Suite:

  • Encouraging visitors to have the COVIDSafe App installed on their phone and bring that phone with them to their appointment.
  • Allowing only two groups of up to four people in the sales suite at a time, in line with government restrictions.
  • Entry and exit is only permitted through the front door which will remain locked. Visitors can call our sales staff on 0412 782 343 to gain access.
  • Visitors may only enter if adhering to the following:
    • Provide their contact details.
    • Maintain physical distancing
    • Use hand sanitiser upon entry
  • Increased public health messaging to encourage physical distancing and good hygiene.
  • Stringent cleaning of model bench, tables, chairs, screens and bathrooms between appointments.

Our Land Sales Suite is open 10am-4pm Friday to Tuesday.

Denman Prospect is committed to working with the community regarding COVID-19 and will provide regular updates.