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Ridgeline Park

Ridgeline Park playground has been designed for all ages and stages, with play equipment including slides, swings and a flying fox!

It’s the perfect spot to picnic, play and ponder with family and friends,
and to enjoy great views of the Molonglo Valley and Black Mountain Tower from the viewing deck.

Ridgeline Park is located in the heart of Denman Prospect off Temple Terrace and Ada Norris Avenue. View map

Car parking
On-street parking is available along Ada Norris Avenue.

Toilet facilities are available at Denman Village Shops.
Toilets have been approved by the ACT Government
and are coming soon to Ridgeline Park.

Vandalism or damage
If you notice vandalism or damage at Ridgeline Park,
please call (02) 6175 3300.


Ridgeline Trail

Ridgeline Trail

Follow the pathways from Ridgeline Park playground to Ridgeline Trail and enjoy sweeping views of Molonglo Valley.

You can also catch a glimpse of ‘Ahoy’ by Ben Fasham, a sculpture that invites you to reflect on the many facets of the environment and beautiful surrounds of Ridgeline Park.

Pop-up playground

Visit the temporary Denman Village pop-up playground, which is located across from Denman Village Shops.

Pop-up playground