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Capital Airport Group is partnering with Master Builders Association ACT, WorkSafe ACT and other local property developers to spread the word about safety on residential worksites in the ACT.



Together we can help to improve safety standards in the residential construction industry by reporting unsafe practices on residential construction sites.

Simple things you can do to make a difference:

  1.  If you see a fence open on a construction site and there’s no one there, close it.
  2.  If you see unsafe work practices or an incident, report it immediately.
  3.  If you see rubbish on a building site that is uncontained contact the builder or report it.
  4.  If you see uncontrolled spillages or a leak on a worksite, report it.
  5.  Spread the word – Think safe. Work Safe. Go home safe.

Safety resources

The WorkSafe ACT website features a library of safety videos with local construction workers talking about ways to reduce risk on worksites.